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Drive With Ems Start your journey on the road to success with us and enjoy FREE Full access to Theory Test Pro! My name is Emma and i qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in 2010 after many years of working in the Motor Industry. I was originally based in Fareham but moved to Gosport in 2015, so you will likely see my car in both places and surrounding areas.

Cars have always been a huge part of my life. This enables me to use this extra knowledge that i have to give anyone who wishes to learn to drive, or even just improve their skills, a more in-depth explanation of how the car works. Over the years i have had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of people the important life skill of learning to drive.

Whether it be someone who has just turned 17 and has absolutely no experience, or someone who has been putting it off for years, for whatever reason(s), and is now at the stage in their life where it is now a necessity. The advantage of having years of experience in this job means that i have had to overcome peoples' problems with learning, by finding different ways to get the same information across.

It can be quite daunting, the thought of being in control of a car, and having to deal with the volume on traffic that is on our roads today. What will passing your driving test mean to you? I will start you off somewhere nice and quiet to allow you time to get used to the controls, without having to worry about dealing with others (I can do this for

Driving can be very enjoyable, but if you are nervous or lacking confidence then it can all seem extremely daunting. Have you had a bad experience, or been involved in an accident (whether as the driver or as a passenger), or maybe just overly cautious? Do you worry about dealing with situations when out on the roads and in busy situations? Whatever

Do you want to help a friend or relative to start on their journey to freedom? Why not buy them vouchers for driving lessons?! If this is to be a surprise, perhaps a first lesson on their birthday, it can all be a kept a secret until I arrive at the door. Arrangements can easily be made in advance, and an exact plan can be put into place to ensure that

Have you found what you were Looking for? Do you have any further questions? Interested in driving Lessons? Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require further information, availability or simply wish to book some lessons. I can be contacted on. My mobile is on at all times but is set to "silent" during lessons, so please be patient. I will

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