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When driving success means everything to you, you need a driving school that knows everything about driving success. You need the two-time award-winning, Sunderland-based driving school that is Chris Chambers School of Motoring!. Do you have a desire to learn to drive and pass your driving test as quickly & inexpensively as possible?. Do you need improve your standard of driving to pass an extended driving test following a driving ban?.

With over fifteen years' experience and success in the driver training industry, Chris Chambers School of Motoring can help you do all of the above and more. Customer reviews serve as the surest way for you to get a real, unbiased view of just how good I am at what I can do for you, and whether you can trust me to deliver on my promise. Are you searching for that special gift for a friend or loved one that will last a lifetime?.

Simply call Chris, alternatively text or WhatsApp 'LESSON', plus your name to 07951 047 894. Savings on subsequent block bookings are made when compared to purchasing on a 'Pay-As-You-Learn' basis.

The ability to drive is fast becoming an essential life skill. In order to become the best, most safe and considerate driver you can possibly be, and to greatly increase the chances of achieving the much-desired first-time pass, it is vital for you to choose an experienced & established driver trainer. You need a driving school you can trust; and I

There can be many reasons why undertaking a course of refresher/confidence sessions may be of great benefit to you. You feel that you need to build or boost your confidence following an incident or road traffic accident in which you were involved;. If you can relate to any of the above, Chris Chambers School of Motoring are able to give you with tailored

The DVSA Theory Test currently costs 23.00, and must be passed before the practical driving test can be taken. Please note that both theory and practical driving tests are available in English and Welsh only. These changes have been made to improve road safety, reduce driving test fraud, and improve social cohesion. This part of the two part test is

When setting out on the personal journey to learn to drive, it is both a decision and a commitment you must make yourself - for yourself. The actual decision to learn to drive is not a decision that someone else can, or should talk you into. In reality, if you are indeed doing it because someone else thinks you should, then in all honesty you are doing

As with any test preparation is the key. Learner drivers taking their driving lessons in Sunderland and are planning to take their practical driving test at Sunderland DTC can now take advantage of the resources provided here. With a combination of regular, structured practical driving lessons with Chris Chambers School of Motoring, and effective use

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