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Go Driving At Go Driving we aim to provide you with the highest standard of instruction. This enables you to get to test as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining a very high level of driving for the rest of your life. If this is your first experience of learning to drive, talk to others who are learning and compare how lessons are structured, the level of talk-through and the type of diagrams used.

If you've taken lessons before, you will have noticed the difference in instruction on your first lesson with Go Driving.

That is why we offer a 2 day course which will allow you to get behind the wheel before you actually turn 17. No more waiting! We have a specially built, private off road course which enables under 17's and nervous over 17's and includes both practical and the theory behind driving. The course will accelerate your control, confidence and knowledge before

Our lessons are structured and tailored to your individual needs to maximise your progress! This means you finish your lesson at the next pupil's pick-up point, and they drive you home (or vice versa). Frowned upon by the Driving Standards Agency (D.S.A.), it normally means you're not getting structured lessons, and can be very off-putting! Our Instructors

There are many reasons to choose an automatic over a manual apart from the ease of learning, should you have a weakness in a leg or arm an automatic may be better suited to your needs. Generally learning to drive an automatic is slightly easier compared to a manual therefore the average person can get to test sooner. Our Automatic Driving Instructor

In order to PASS your theory test you have to BOTH parts, by scoring at least 43/50 on the Multiple Choice and 44/75 on the Hazard Perception. All you need to book a theory test is to have your provisional licence then you can take your test! Although we recommend having had some driving lessons first as this will help you learn the content especially

If you have had a break from lessons or want to move to another Instructor for one reason or another, you will find it useful to have an assessment lesson. During the course of the lesson your instructor will carefully evaluate your skills, identifying those areas where you need more training. At the end of the lesson you will get a clear and professional

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