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The Driving Force Welcome to The Driving Force, the premier driving school in Coventry and the surrounding area. We aim to provide the highest teaching quality to all of our students to ensure that they are safe on the road and become excellent drivers. To accomplish this goal we ensure that all of our driving instructors are highly qualified and extremely experienced.

They will put you at ease right from the beginning and will make sure that you learn everything you need to know, not just to pass your test but also for your driving life after you have passed. Our instructors want to make your learning experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We tailor our lessons to suit the students individual needs, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

We recognise that all of our students are different so we want to offer the best possible service to everybody and ensure that they receive value for money and a driving lesson that truly teaches them what they need to know. Furthermore, The Driving Force also offers instructor training for those who are interested in becoming an instructor themselves.

A trusted name in providing driving lessons with an enormous success rate throughout the Coventry and Warwickshire area, Driving Force was established in late 1990s with an aim to provide a highest quality services. Modern approach to driver training using the latest teaching methods under guide lines set by the DSA. Instructors that are trained within

Q: Show me how you would set the demister controls to clear all the windows effectively, this should include both front and rear screens. Q: Open the bonnet, identify where you would check the engine coolant level and tell me how you would check that the engine has the correct level. A: Identify high/low level markings on header tank where fitted or

Q: Open the bonnet, identify where the brake fluid reservoir is and tell me how you would check that you have a safe level of hydraulic brake fluid. Q: Tell me how you make sure your head restraint is correctly adjusted so it provides the best protection in the event of a crash. A: The head restraint should be adjusted so the rigid part of the head

This is a test of your knowledge of The Highway Code, the rules of the road and your knowledge of instructional techniques amongst other things. The test is carried out in two parts; a 100 multiple choice questions section with a minimum pass mark of 85 followed by a hazard perception test. This consists of 14 video clips with a minimum pass mark of

One question we get asked on a regular basis is can I pass the Part 3 test? And the simple answer is YES. So why do so many potential driving instructors in Coventry struggle to pass this test? A lot of larger training establishments, such as, BSM, RED and AA, will throw a lot of information your way in a very short period of time and expect you to

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