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HotWheelz Driving Lessons Wirral We have a fully qualified ex examiner of 22 years on our team giving our students mock tests and advising them on their progress. This has proven to be very successful! If you are looking for high-quality, professional driving lessons across Wirral, you have come to the right place. The team at Hotwheelz Driving School believe it's easier to learn in a friendly, calm environment, which will help build your confidence to become a safe driver for life.

We also enjoy making your driving lessons fun and adapt our lesson plans to suit each individual needs, whether you're a beginner, maybe not getting anywhere with your current instructor, or just need some refresher lessons to help boost your confidence on the road. We start our lessons as early as 6 am and finish late so we can schedule your lessons around any commitments you may have.

If you wish to pass your test quickly, then an intensive course of lessons may be what you're looking for. Instead of taking one or two hours weekly you can take more lessons over a shorter period of time.

You are so close to passing your driving test, having you own car and enjoying the pleasures of driving, but before you can enjoy weekend road trips with your friends you need quick, easy, hassle free driving lessons. With our money back guarantee and pass promise you are in safe hands. You will have no concerns about our ability to train you; in fact

Taking your driving theory test is a really important step in learning to drive, there are many books and online tools to help you prepare for your test. The theory test has two parts. The first part consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, chosen at random from a bank of over 1,000. You are given 57 minutes and you must answer at least 43 of the 50

With all the excitement of getting behind the wheel of a car, it can be all too easy to overlook the importance of the theory test. It may not be glamorous, but your theory test is equally as important as your practical test. We've put together a quick guide to answer the common questions we're asked, putting you in pole position to pass the first time

You can apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months prior to your 17th birthday by completing a D1 form either online (DVLA) or by collecting one from the post office. The cost is 34. You can start your lessons on your 17th birthday. The DVLA say on average 35/45 hours of professional instruction accompanied by private practice. This is depending

Huge Congratulations to Kayleigh For passing her driving test 1st time today! Kayleigh is a critical keyworker who works as a nurse in a very busy A and E department. It was important for Kayleigh to be able to drive as she was finding It difficult to get to work and back with public transport. You have done an amazing job and you truly deserved the

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