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Hello my name is John Grundy I am the sole proprietor of John Grundy Driving School. I first started working as a driving instructor for the most famous school of motoring in Britain in 1975 and passed the A.D.I exam soon after, and have been providing driving lessons in Preston ever since.

During the years since then I have taught people of all ages at one point I specialised in disability tuition showing people how to use the various types of controls fitted to their cars, and then seeing them through to pass their driving test I found this to be a particularly rewarding experience helping these people regain some of their freedom.I have also taught people for the army I found this to be an education in itself.

The school that I worked for had a competition featured in the local paper to find the worst learner driver in Preston with the prize being free driving lessons till you pass. A lady from Walton-Le-Dale won having failed about a dozen previous tests I was appointed as the instructor to look after her (I can remember her name but dont think it would be right to mention it here), after a course of lessons with me she passed her test at the first attempt.

When about to embark on a course of driving lessons one of the first things people ask me is how much will it cost. Whilst the cost of lessons should be a factor in deciding who you employ as your driving instructor there are other factors you should also consider, such as how experienced is the instructor, is the instructor fully qualified, has he

When you take out insurance for the first time it can be expensive especially if you are under 25 years of age. This is where the internet can be very useful, you would be well advised to search using all of the specialist sites that are available you will probably find quotes vary wildly from one site to another. Do make sure before taking out any

The car I use is a top of the range Renault Clio 1.2 Turbocharged Dynamique all my pupils love it. The drivers seat in addition to the usual adjustments also is also height adjustable, meaning it is almost certain you will be able to find a comfortable position no matter how short or how tall you are.

At the beginning of your test you will be asked two questions from the list below, if you answer one or both incorrectly one driving fault will be recorded. Q1 - Oil Level (Show Me) - Open the bonnet, identify where you would check the engine oil level and tell me how you would check that the engine has sufficient oil. Q2 - Power Steering (Show Me)

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